Why Join Us At AADOM24?

What Can You Expect?

Welcome to the AADOM Annual Conference, a hub for newcomers to dental practice management, as well as seasoned administrators. We’ve earned our reputation for contagious energy, engaging speakers, and practical education, all tailored to support your growth and success. This event is your gateway to mastering the essentials and advancing your career in dental practice administration. 

A Warm, Hospitable Welcome! 

At the heart of our organization is a commitment to make every member of the “AADOM Tribe” feel welcome and included. If this is your first time joining us, we’ve got you covered. 

Plan to join us for the pre-conference Zoom call to get the lay of the land and a warm welcome from our Founder and President, Heather Colicchio. You’ll have ample opportunities to interact and integrate with our community, as you build your network of new connections.  

An Experience Tailored to Busy Career Dental Managers

Our event is specially designed for dental practice management professionals, offering education geared towards both new managers and seasoned veterans in the field. This unique event brings together well-known industry experts, providing learning and networking opportunities for professionals at all stages of their careers.

Learn About the Latest & Greatest Dental Resources

Our vendors and sponsors understand and respect your busy schedule. They don’t come just to showcase their products; they’re here to help, offering solutions to enhance your dental practice and make your job easier. Our members consider this a prime opportunity to discover the latest and greatest resources from companies who are committed to your success.

Build Your Network of Support

Our goal is to provide a collaborative environment where you’ll meet peers who understand the daily challenges of your role. You’ll establish connections that go beyond mere networking, forming a community of professionals ready to share practical advice and support in your journey as a dental management professional.

Get Refreshed & Go Back Again as Your Best Self!

Our members count on this event each year as their place to get recharged for the challenges of management. It’s a chance to gather new ideas and insights in a setting filled with fun and even some surprises. Our desire is that you’ll leave refreshed and excited to incorporate new, innovative strategies into your dental practice, fostering positive changes for you and your team.

Need To Convince Your Doctor?

‘‘AADOM is so much more than an organization - it's camaraderie, cohesiveness, like mindedness, caring, compassionate, support for dental managers. It's an exceptional experience every manager should experience.

Karla B. - Office Manager, Wayzata, MN

‘‘What was there not to love?! I came home with enthusiasm, confidence, and a sense of not being alone in the dental office manager world!

Stacy L. - Office Manager, Sherman, TX

‘‘I never realized how much I needed to be in the conference till I experienced it myself! It was like a retreat for me. It empowered me to be and do better at my job, and it inspired me to empower others in my workplace, to share I what I learned and experienced.

Jhoanna L. - Office Manager, Pembroke Pines, FL

‘‘The AADOM conference is a life-changing experience! I truly appreciated the opportunities to connect with the other attendees, the AADOM team, business professionals, and vendors. The friendships formed will continue long after the conference ended.

Sheri M. - Office Manager, Reinholds, PA

‘‘This was the perfect re-charge opportunity I needed. Several times throughout the conference I felt validated in the investment to be there. I can't wait for next year.

Kayla K. - Office Manager, Johnston, IA