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Thursday Morning Keynote

Kelly Swanson
Kelly Swanson is an award-winning storyteller, comedian, motivational speaker, and author of “Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale” and “The Story Formula”. She was a featured entertainer for Holland America Cruise lines, and is a cast member of the upcoming Reality TV Show “The Fashion Hero”. She is also creator of The Story Impact Academy which teaches people in all industries how to harness the power of strategic storytelling to master the art of connection to form stronger teams, more impactful leaders, better customer and patient relationships, stronger sales, and more engaged employees. Laughing the whole way.

You. Your Story. Make an Impact! The Big Picture

Keynote Speaker: Kelly Swanson

A hilarious and wildly motivating journey through the power of story to help you form stronger teams, enhance patient relationships, be more impactful managers, and re-engage in what you do and why you do it. Laughing the whole way.

Thursday Afternoon: Educational Sessions

Heather Colicchio Lorie Streeter, CTC, FAADOM
Heather Colicchio is the Founder and President of the American Association of Dental Office Management (AADOM). Heather has brought her background in business management and her unique skills in professional networking to help drive the success of AADOM, the largest professional organization of dental practice management professionals in the country.

In 2003, when Heather was busy owning and operating her successful chain of gourmet cafes (as well as raising a toddler and a newborn), the furthest thing from her mind was starting a dental association but life takes interesting turns sometimes. Through a dentist friend of hers, Heather became aware of a niche in dentistry that was not being filled. There was a lack of resources and education available for dental practice administrators. She casually began putting people in touch to help them fill this need (kind of like a hobby) but her entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and soon AADOM was born. When AADOM reached over 1,000 members in less than two years, Heather sold her cafes to devote herself full-time to AADOM. It is now the largest professional association for dental management teams in the country, with over 4,000 members and host of the country’s largest dental office management conference.


As the Vice President of AADOM, Lorie’s role is to strategically build programs and relationships that create awareness of the AADOM mission and benefits to its members. Lorie’s rich history in dentistry, marketing, sponsor relations (for the last ten years), and office management allows her the unique perspective of working with not only the companies who help sponsor education and programs but also the practice administrators and what is best for their growth and development.

“As an office manager for 12 years, I have walked in your shoes. I would have given anything to have had a support system like the one AADOM provides for you – I was truly on an island.”

Lorie also owns , StreeterBuilt Coaching and Consulting, LLC. Her dental career spans 28 years, 12 of which were spent working in a dental practice. In 2015 Lorie was named one of the Top 25 Women in Dentistry by Dental Products Report magazine.

Lorie lives in Washington with her husband. She is an accomplished musician and songwriter who has performed nationwide and has opened for Rascal Flatts, Marty Stuart, Tracy Byrd, and Collin Raye. Lorie is also passionate about wellness and the mind-body connection. Check her out on YouTube. This is a song that Lorie and her son Rhett wrote about people living with chronic illness; it is now featured as the theme song for the Oral Cancer Cause.


FAADOM Fast Track

Facilitated by: Heather Colicchio and Lorie Streeter

The FAADOM FastTrack is a new session at the AADOM Annual Conference. This is an advanced track designed exclusively for those who have achieved Fellowship status within the organization (FAADOM).

Marsha Pilgrim
Marsha, President of MSP Consulting, has over 30 years’ experience in the dental office environment, first as a Registered Dental Assistant and then as an Office Manager.

She received her dental assisting training while serving in the US Navy. Being trained as a chairside assistant didn’t prepare her for running the front desk for her husband’s new practice. It was given to her after the previous office manager quit and took the funds from the office checking account. After contacting local offices and not receiving help on how to submit insurance claims and create billing statements from ledger cards, she went on a hunt for information thru continuing education courses. She still attends CE courses to keep her up to date on the latest in dentistry. Marsha maintains a working knowledge of daily dental office activities and issues by continuing to work in her husband’s dental practice.

She has spent over 10 years as a dental management consultant and enjoys helping practices put systems and financial plans in place to help make their offices more productive, more efficient and less stressful.

She has experience in scheduling, collections and setting production goals and obtaining them. She has worked with computers in the dental office for over 20 years and is a certified trainer for Dentrix for the past 10 years.

Marsha is a Certified Consultant in Employment Law Compliance and Integrated Performance Management with Bent Ericksen & Associates, member of The Speaking Consulting Network (SCN), Academy of Dental Management Consultants (ADMC), and a lifetime member of the American Association of Office Management (AADOM).

Dental Spouse Roundtable

Facilitated by: Marsha Pilgrim

Spouses and partners face unique challenges as it’s hard to leave work at the office. What happens when your doctor follows you home?! This open forum, moderated by a dental spouse, promises to not only bring you all closer together but will give you take-aways to be a better manager.

Thursday Afternoon: TechPalooza

Additional Tech Sessions Coming Soon!

Mary Horvath
Mary’s background includes over 40 years spent in the dental industry. She has a Clinical, Administrative and Consulting background, in which she has been actively involved with Insurance, Clinical and Dental Management Seminars.

Over the last 19 years she has worked with Patterson Dental in positions such as Regional Training Advisor, Regional Technology Manager, and presently as the National Corporate Technology Advisor, overseeing all regions with Eaglesoft and digital products. Mary has been very active as a Practice Masters’ Seminar presenter for over 17 years.

She resides in North Carolina and has two grown daughters living one town over in North Carolina. Her lifetime joys are her 3 grandchildren, Brayden, Kendall and Kinley, all living in North Carolina.

Eaglesoft - You Can Make it Happen! Learn What it Takes to Increase Practice Productivity with Your Software

Trainer: Mary Horvath

As a dental administrator, you have the ability to reach that next level of expertise for you, your team and your practice. Use the advanced features of Eaglesoft to better communicate with your patients, increase productivity, give your patients the best possible dental experience and elevate your team.

Jeri Sorenson
Jeri Sorenson is a Henry Schein Practice Solutions representative and Dentrix practice development specialist. She has over 30 years of experience working in the dental industry, including being a dental assistant, continuing care coordinator, business administrator, software trainer and practice management consultant. She has a passion for Dentrix and its ability to help offices increase their efficiency, be as paperless as they want to be and grow their business by utilizing the intuitive analysis tools within the software. She has accumulated a wealth of industry and product specific knowledge over the years and brings that experience to her presentations.

Dentrix - Filling Holes in Your Schedule: Tips and Tools for a Productive Practice

Trainer: Jeri Sorenson

Holes in the schedule. Almost every front office team struggles with it. Patients cancel on the day of their appointments, or worse, simply fail to show up. What can office managers do?

Miranda Reed
Miranda Reed has over 23 years of experience in the dental profession. She has worked as a dental assistant and an office manager, and she was also a certified Dentrix trainer for over 13 years. Her many years of experience and extensive knowledge help her identify opportunities for improvement within any dental practice. Miranda currently provides customized Dentrix coaching and training services as a practice development specialist with Henry Schein Practice Solutions.

Dentrix - Master the Metrics that Matter: How to Be the Chief Profitability Officer in Your Practice

Trainer: Miranda Reed

The office manager is often the chief operating officer of the dental practice. You manage everything from the daily schedule to A/R and HR. Your dentist depends on you to help run the business. Making good business decisions requires good business data.

Danelle Canales
Danelle Canales combines humor and professionalism in her training and strives to help clients use our software to efficiently meet their practice management needs. Danelle holds a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University. She has refined her leadership skills as an officer in the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets.

In 2007, Danelle joined Carestream Dental as a Certified Trainer of CS SoftDent. She works closely with the technical support, development, and implementation teams to ensure our software and processes are up-to-date and meet our clients’ needs. When she is not training, Danelle enjoys spending time with her husband and two young sons.

Carestream SoftDent - Maximizing Efficiency in Your Practice

Trainer: Danelle Canales

Join Danelle as she shares tips to maximize efficiency in your practice. You’ll learn how the new Charting overview page will help revolutionize your clinical charting!

Alex Nudel
Alex Nudel, founder at RevenueWell, has more than 20 years of experience as a recognized dental industry speaker, practice growth specialist, successful practice owner, and digital entrepreneur. As a dental practice owner he realized the need for an easy way to handle the routine communications associated with attracting new patients, increasing production, and creating a WOW! experience for his patients. He founded RevenueWell to meet those needs, freeing the doctor and staff to focus on what they do best: serving the patient.

Unlocking RevenueWell - A Masterclass in Patient Care Technology

Trainer: Alex Nudel

Calling all RevenueWell Rockstars, you do not want to miss this class! RevenueWell founder Alex Nudel unlocks the power of your patient care system, showing you how to effortlessly save time, grow your practice, and look good while doing it!

Deana Zost, FAADOM
Deana is a Regional Territory Manager for RevenueWell with over 26 years in dentistry. She is a Fellow in AADOM & a founding member of the Dallas/Ft. Worth AADOM Chapter. In 2015, Deana was a Patterson Scholarship winner to the AADOM National Conference & a 2015 Practice Administrator of the Year nominee. She is a contributor of educational content for the AADOM eCampus. She is a member of the Speakers Consulting Network and has been published in the AADOM Oberserver & DewLife Magazine. She can be heard on podcasts with Gary Takacs, Dr. Howard Farran, and Ignite DA’s webinar series with Kevin Henry. The fuel behind Deana’s energy is to empower dental team members to continually elevate & realize their value by combining education & networking.

RevenueWell - Create Your Perfect Day by Cutting Out Unnecessary Stress

Trainer: Deana Zost, FAADOM

Filling the schedule. New patient acquisition. Patient retention. Treatment acceptance.

We hear these topics every single day. They’re the white whale of every dental practice that’s ever lived, and boy are they stressful! How to get, keep, and maximize patients: it’s a lot of work!

Mike Buckner
Mike Buckner has been working in the Dental Technology Field for 7 years. He was a Business Development Executive for Solutionreach for several years where he oversaw the strategic relationships and partnerships for the Dental market. After that, he spent some time as a Director of Business Development for Dental Intel where he spoke at various study clubs and major meetings teaching the importance of, and explaining how to understand certain Key Performance Indicators within a dental practice. He is currently a Business Development Executive for Weave. He continues to speak at various dental meetings, teaching about the latest technology to improve overall Practice Management. He just doubled his family size in December with the addition of twin boys that keep him on his toes.

Weave - “Hear No Patients, See No Patients” - How Technology Fills the Gaps of Human Connection

Trainer: Mike Buckner

As consumers and patients, we use all of our senses in choosing a good provider to take care of us. It is not a decision to take lightly. It starts with the initial research on the web, and leads into the new patient phone call, the case presentation and treatment acceptance, and ends with how we leave the patient.